Can Rabbits Be Litter Box Trained?

Can rabbits be litter box trained? If you have a pet that goes to the bathroom in one easily cleaned spot all the time, it can be great. No accidents throughout the house making your whole house smell. You don't have to take them outside, you don't have to constantly change bedding. How many different pets can be litter box trained? Cats, of course, but can rabbits be litter box trained? This article will help explain this process.

Training a rabbit to use a litter box will probably not be easy, but it will prevent you from constantly cleaning your rabbit's cage or from having to clean up accidents when you let it out of its cage.

First, you have to give your rabbit a litter box. Put a litter box in your rabbit's cage in the spot where it tends to do its business the most. Get multiple litter boxes if you need to. One for your rabbit's cage and ones for rooms where you let your rabbit hop around. The father away from a litter box, the more chances of an accident.

Anytime you see your rabbit urinating pick them up and put them in the litter box. You can also put your rabbit's feces in a litter box. This helps send the message to your pet rabbit that the litter box is where their waste goes.

It is always best to train animals when they are young, however when a rabbit is young they do tend to be forgetful. Once they his puberty they may have to be re-trained somewhat. Also, if you have more than one rabbit, it will probably take more time to get them all litter box trained. It is possible to train an adult rabbit, it just takes more time and patience since adult animals are often set in their ways.

This helps send the message to your pet rabbit that the litter box is where their waste goes.

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