Caring for a Hedgehog

Let's discuss about caring for a hedgehog. You've done the research and you've decided that a hedgehog is the right pet for you. Before you buy your hedgehog and bring it home you need to make sure you have all the right supplies and that you know how to properly care for it. This article will discuss the basics for caring a hedgehog.

The cage is the first important thing that you need to get before bringing a hedgehog home. Don't put a hedgehog in a glass aquarium. Glass aquariums have less air flow and build up odor faster. A mesh wire cage works well. However, a hedgehog cage has to be at least two feet by two feet. Hedgehogs don't do well in small cages. They will get bored, unhappy, fat, and maybe even ill. Hedgehogs like to burrow, hide, climb, run, and explore. They need room to do this as well as bedding, logs, rocks, etc. Hedgehogs are territorial so if you want more than one, you will need more than one cage.

What type of bedding should you use in a hedgehogs cage? Aspen or pine chips, or even recycled newspaper. Avoid cedar bedding or cat litter. You may be able to litter train a hedgehog. Hedgehogs will sometimes do their business is the same spot. If you notice they do this, but a litter pan in that spot to make cleaning easier. You can simply change the litter daily. Not all hedgehogs will do this, some will do their business all over the cage. Hedgehogs like clean environments so this will mean you will have to do frequent bedding changes and cage cleaning.

Like many exotic pets, hedgehogs like warm temperatures. You shouldn't have to get a heater, but you will need to make sure their cage is in a area of your home that remains above 70 degrees Fahrenheit or a little warmer. If you allow your hedgehog's climate to get cold, the hedgehog may hibernate. It may also become sick and could possibly die.

Give your hedgehog fresh water daily and food as well. Hedgehogs will eat high quality dry cat food, mealworms, and crickets. All of these things can be purchased at a pet store. You can also give your hedgehog fruit.

You should also provide your hedgehog with toys, they love to play. Give them balls, tubes, boxes and toys such as ones for ferrets. Let your hedgehog out of its cage daily and spent time handling and playing with it.

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