Caring For a Pet Hamster

Let's discuss about caring for a pet hamster. You want a pet hamster, but do you know how to properly care for one? Even small pets like hamsters require good care and dedication.

There are different types of hamster so you may first want to determine whether you want a Syrian, Dwarf, Teddy Bear, or one of the other types of hamsters. It's helpful to know what kind of hamster you plan on getting because some are bigger than others. You want to know what size items you will need.

After deciding on a type of hamster, you should get a cage for your future pet. Don't put hamsters in glass aquariums, house them in cages made just for hamsters. Some hamster cages can be slightly costly, but there are also ones that are very affordable, they just won't have lots of tubes and extra things. There are some really cool hamster habitats that you can purchase online or in pet stores. Get the right size cage for your hamster and make sure you have all the other supplies you will need.

With hamsters you will need bedding, food, hamster water bottle, and a wheel. Most cages come with a wheel. You will also need some type of toy or something for your hamster to chew on. This prevents their teeth from getting too long and also prevents them from chewing on inappropriate things that can harm them. Wooden chew blocks work well. Hamsters also like tunnels, tubes, and different things that they can play and hide in.

When it comes to hamster food, commercial food that are a mix of pellets, seeds, fruits and vegetables are good. You can also just give them pellet type food and give your hamster fresh fruits and vegetables every day. However, hamsters do sometimes bury food and keep it in their cheeks. Therefore, if you give your hamster food that can spoil, you will have to remove any leftover spoiled food each day. Give your hamster fresh water daily.

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