Caring for an Iguana

Let's talk about caring for an iguana.

Before bringing a pet iguana home you will want to make sure that you have its shelter and food ready to go.

For its shelter you will need some type of tank. Iguanas need to regulate their body temperature. For this reason, you will want to have warmer and colder spots in its shelter. It should have a hotter area where it can bask under a light or in the sun and then cooler spots as well. Natural sunlight is great for iguanas, however if you don't have a spot in your home where your iguana can soak up natural rays, you can purchase a light.

Iguanas also like humidity. To achieve humidity and keeping your pet from getting dehydrated you can do daily misting and always make sure they have a fresh supply of water to drink. Your pet will also want water for laying in. This water will also have to be replace with fresh water frequently because they tend to go to the bathroom in it.

Your iguanas cage or tank will also need to be fairly large. You may buy the pet as a baby, but it will eventually be much larger. It's easier to just by a larger shelter at first instead of having to buy a small one and then a larger one later on. Iguanas can grow up to 6 feet long so make sure you will have enough space in your home for a shelter that will allow your iguana to move around easily. The best flooring for your iguanas tank will probably be newspaper. Pet bedding can actually get stick in iguanas' scales which can cause issues.

Iguanas will eat mostly vegetables and fruits. They like leafy green vegetables like spinach, carrot tops, and lettuce. They also like beans and squash. Fruits like melons, berries and grapes are also favorite iguana food, but always make sure they are seedless.

If you know how to properly take care of your pet iguana it can live a long and happy life.

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