Caring for Dogs During the Summer

Let's discuss caring for dogs during the summer. Summer is a season of fun in the sun. If you are a dog owner you and your pooch probably love going outdoors during warm weather. Just make sure that you are aware of some summer dangers and how to keep your dog safe.

We all know that sometimes summer can be a little too hot. If you and you're dog are playing on a hot and humid day you need to try to prevent heatstroke. Heatstroke in dogs can be fatal especially for breeds such as bulldogs who have a shorter breathing system because of their "smushed" noses. On really warm days or when being really active make sure you dog gets plenty of water and shade. If your dog appears to be excessively panting and drooling they could be experiencing heatstroke.

If your dog has short hair, remember that they can be sunburn. For short-haired dogs or dogs that have hair loss you should either put sunscreen on them or buy them a doggie shirt to protect their skin. Pet-safe sunscreen and shade are great for preventing dog sunburn.

Many dogs love car rides, if your dog is one then let them accompany you, but during the summer never leave your pooch in your car. Dogs shouldn't be left in cars ever, but during the summer the temperatures in a car can end up fatal.

If you're going for a joy ride with the windows down take your pooch with you and make sure they are secure in your vehicle. If you have to run errands or go in a store, clean your dog at home in a cool place.

Who doesn't love swimming and going on boats during the summer. These are great warm weather activities, but if your dog will be joining you they should know how to swim. If not in a swimming pool you may want your dog to wear a doggie life vest since waves and rip currents can be unpredictable and dangerous.

During the spring and summer, many people use fertilizers in their grass and gardens. Not all fertilizers are dog safe, so keep your dog in your yard or a place where you know it is safe and not being exposed to anything harmful.

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