Caring For Orphaned Kittens

Let's discuss about caring for orphaned kittens. Sometimes mother cats can't care for their young, abandon their young, or are killed and their kittens are orphaned. If you are now responsible for caring for a litter of kittens there are some things that you need to you. This article will offer some advice on caring for orphaned kittens.

If you don't know when the kittens were born you will need to figure that out. If their eyes are closed they are very young because their eyes generally open between 7 and 14 days of age. You may also want to take them to a veterinarian because they can determine their age and tell you how healthy they are. If something is wrong with the kittens the veterinarian can treat it.

So, what do you need to care for these kittens? They need a safe and warm home. A box or crate will do just fine. Make sure they always have clean and dry bedding, you can use old blankets and towels. They will soil the bedding so you will have to change it quite frequently to prevent illness and smell. Don't put the box next to a heater or they can get overheated, but don't put them near an air conditioner or somewhere that is drafty or they will get too cold.

To feed the young kittens you will need an eye dropper, small syringe or some kind of small feeding device. When they get a little bigger you may be able to use a small bottle.  You will also need a kitten milk replacer and follow the instructions on it. You will need to feed the kittens every couple hours at first and then gradually get them to start consuming for milk replacer less in fewer feedings.

At about three weeks old, you can offer the kittens a wet kitten food to try. You may have to water it down or mash it up more and always make sure they have fresh food. 

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