Caring For Your Dog's Teeth

Let's talk about caring for your dog's teeth. Nobody likes bad breath in dogs and there is a way to help prevent it. After reading this article dog owners will have a better understanding of dental care for their dogs.

Dogs can't brush their so it is your job to do it. Many dog owners never even think about brushing their dog's teeth, but it really should be done on a regular basis. Dogs need healthy teeth and gums just like we do. Think about how your mouth is if you don't brush your teeth. Well, dogs can get tartar buildup and cavities too. The added plus of regularly brushing your canine's teeth is that their breath won't smell bad.

How do you brush a dog's teeth? Similar to how you brush your own. There are toothbrushes made especially for dogs. You may even be able to find a finger glove brush which allows you to brush your dog's teeth easily by using your finger. They make similar finger glove brushes for cleaning a babies' mouth. Don't worry about flossing your dog's teeth, you don't need to. While you're at the pet store buying your dog a toothbrush also grab doggie toothpaste. Special toothpaste won't require any rinsing or spitting since your dog isn't likely to do those.

When you are brushing your dog's teeth you should be doing more than just brushing. Look for any broken teeth or any signs that something may be wrong with your dog's teeth or gums

If you are having problems brushing your dog's teeth you can ask your veterinarian for some tips. The best thing to do is brush your dog's teeth from when they are a puppy. That way they are used to it and won't fight it.

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