Caring For Your Pregnant Cat

Let's discuss about caring for your pregnant cat. If your cat is pregnant you may be worried about all different things. As long as you have some information on how to care for her you don't need to worry. This article will explain some of the common things that you can expect from a pregnant cat.

Cats may act demanding especially the further along they are. They might meow because they are experiencing discomfort or because they want attention from you. If you're a woman that has been pregnant before than you can probably understand this.

A pregnant cat will need to be fed often, they are hungry most of the time and they will nap most of the day, every day. You can mix protein into your cat's regular food. Near the end of the pregnancy you can actually start feeding your expecting cat kitten food. Continue feeding her kitten food until her kittens have been weaned. You can supplement dry kitten food with canned food. An expecting cat will gain weight and will begin to noticeably show in the last few weeks of her pregnancy. A cat is typically pregnant for 65 to 69 days.

Near the end of your cat's pregnancy you will need to be understanding. She may not always be able to make it to the litter box in time. Don't scold, she has pressure on her bladder and weighs more so she may be a little slow walking to the litter box. During this time she may also need help bathing. Cats clean themselves, but as her belly gets big she may not be able to reach her bottom or back. You may have to use a moist cloth to help clean her.

During the end of your cat's pregnancy make sure you keep your closets closed and create a quiet comfortable spot for her where she can give birth. When she has gone into labor, you can keep an eye on her to make sure there are no complications, however try to keep quiet, keep your distance, and don't get involved unless you need to. After all kittens have been born, give them clean bedding.

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