Cat Blink Slowly

What does it mean when a cat blinks slowly. Can they really realy ther feelings through blinking? It really means they like you and feel comfortable around you.

Cats use their body language as well as the making of sounds to tell us and the rest of the world how they feel and cat blink slowly is one of the most interesting of all gestures.

It is essential to understand your pet and try to communicate with it in the best way possible.

By achieving this you will both feel comfortable about each other and above all live peacefully and happily.

The cats blink slowly to show that they are content. This is also considered a sign of deep affection.

Your pet simply tries to tell you how much they love you in their own unique way.

The slow blinking is not to be mistaken with the rapid one, which is a sign of anxiety and aggression. It is easy to differentiate the two not only by looking straight into the animal’s eyes, but also by the rest of the body language.

When the cat is happy it has its tail up and the ears pointing forward with a slight backward tilt. It will often come to you and rub itself around your legs.

It can also make happy purr sounds especially if you pat it on the head.

Most cat owners see the cat blink slowly signals as kisses blowing. In such occasions the most natural thing is to respond in the same way – simply look at your cat and blink slowly with your eyes when it makes this gesture.

This is a good way of bonding with your pet and getting its devotion and further affection. Some people do blink at their cat even if it is not doing the same.

In most cases the animals do respond with the same gesture, which means that effective communication is carries out.

Still, there are cat owners and even zoologists who try to communicate with big cats such as lions that think this method of bonding is not working.

Most experts in animal behavior consider the gaze at the animal to present a threat to it.

So, even if the blinking does work, the stare that comes in the first place might not work the way you would like it to. There are a number of alternative ways to show your cat that you care and provide for its relaxed and happy mood.

You can simply look into the middle distance and catch the pet with your peripheral vision instead of responding to cat blink slowly gestures.


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