Cat Blinking Slowly

When you see a cat blinking slowly the cat is studying you and telling you back that they approve of your presence. Your cat is studying your actions and trying to get comfortable with you.

You have probably spotted your cat blinking slowly many times, but do not know what this means and how to interpret it.

Some owners do not even pay attention to such signs in the behavior of their pet, which is a mistake. It is important to learn how your cat communicates so that you can live in harmony with it.

You will be able to recognize its moods and when it is aggressive and sick. So, it is worth devoting some time to studying your pet and finding out more about it.

You should keep in mind that cats use eye contact primarily to study a threat.

It is common for the animal to stare at a person or another cat when they want to assess them and often to show that they are in defensive position expressing aggression.

In such moments when the cat is reassured in one way or another that it is not threatened it normally starts to blink slowly. This simply means that it is relaxed and that you should feel in the same way.

When the blinking gesture is done without any evident reason it may also mean that the pet is showing its affection to you saying everything is fine and that it feels good.

Sometimes this method of communication is not easily recognized since the cats keep their eyes half closed when they feel calm and content.

In any case, it is not a good idea to gaze directly at your pet to try to find what it is trying to tell you. This is means aggression in the language of the animal as described above.

So, you might not want to use the popular method for bonding with the pet which requires you to look at it and star blinking on yourself.

When you notice your cat blinking slowly you can simply repeat the gesture without looking directly at it.

This will surely give your per reassurance that you are relaxed and that you are happy with the way things are between you two.

If you have the time to study your cat’s eye gestures you will observe that not only the cat blinking slowly one is meaningful for communication.

The size of the pupils also sends a message. When they are wide open this can show great excitement and sometimes even aggression. The expansion is a certain sign for the piling up of fear while the narrow pupils show anger.


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