Cat Blinks Slowly

You can tell when a cat blinks slowly that their actions from something that just happened is being relayed back to you. This can be a form of talking with your cat but you need to know what to be aware of...Read on

It has been scientifically proven that cats use their own language of body moves and looks to express how they feel and if you want to communicate with your pet you can simply respond when your cat blinks slowly.

In fact, blinking has been describes as one of the most effective ways for actually “talking” to these extraordinary animals. So, you can readily learn what your pet is trying to say and respond.

The blinking usually reveals a relaxed mood after an intense situation, but the cat can be doing it just to show you its affection.

So, when your cat blinks slowly you can use this in a number of ways. It is a good idea to blink back as a response to your pet’s gesture – you can look at it and blink slowly one or two times and then turn your eyes away.

You can do this without the animal blinking at you just to establish contact with it and to give it a reassurance of your positive attitude towards it.

This method of communication is called cat kissing and really allow for the bonding between pet and owner.

The truth is that cats often use staring to show their defensive and aggressive attitude so you have to be careful when using the technique for the first time.

You do not have to search for direct eye contact at all costs and you have to try to be as relaxed as possible.

Do not open your eyes too much and do not gaze, but simply look at your furry treasure and blink slowly expressing content.

The first time you blink slowly at your cat might seem scared or confused, but you should definitely keep trying.

Do not make the attempts too frequent and choose time when both you and the pet are relaxed and in a good mood.

If you pay close attention to your pet you will notice that when the cat blinks slowly while staring at a person or another cat, this shows that it no longer feels threatened.

This can be used in intense situations when your cat is in an aggressive defensive mood. If you perform the gesture, this would make the cat calm down and feel more secure.

In any case, it is essential to focus not only on the eyes, but also on the body language of the animal in order to understand its attitude and mood better.


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