Cat Eye Blinking

Understanding cat eye blinking can really open up communication between you and your cat. Read on to learn what your cat is trying to tell you and how it feels....

As an owner you have probably studied your cat to an extent and have noticed one particular gesture – cat eye blinking.

Many people want to understand the behavior of their cats and this can be really beneficial in establishing a reliable communication.

So, you should not give up trying to learn more about the character, attitude and feelings of your pet. Most probably it is attempting to tell you something that can be important.

The cats do not need to blink in order to lubricate their eyes just we do as humans.

In their nature they are predators and need to keep their eyes open at all times. In general, these animals have a very good vision and do not need to look straight at an object, another cat or a person, but use their peripheral vision instead.

When cats gaze this means that they are taking a defensive and aggressive positions.

If you had studied your pet carefully, you would have noticed that when it stares it uses the blinking to show that it does not feel threatened any more.

This cat eye blinking gesture usually says that the cat is relaxed and feels fine.

If a cat looks at you directly and blinks this is definitely its way of expressing its affection and love towards you.

In such cases you can do the same in response to reassure the pet of your good attitude. You do not have to stare at the cat, but just look at it gently and blink very slowly two times.

Then you can turn your eyes away in the same relaxed manner. Many owners call this gesture cat kissing and claim it works wonders for bonding with your fluffy little treasure.

Still, this may not always be the case – some pets just prefer to see you throw a small glimpse not directly at them, but just to check their position. This is another message for reassurance that you can send.

There are some further specifics about cat eye blinking that you should keep in mind.

These animals do not usually blink with both their eyes since they prefer to keep one of them slightly open – this is simply their nature.

So, you can be certain that there is nothing wrong with your cat if it uses just one eye to blink.

Also, the blinking is something that does not happen to often and you might want to check your pet’s eyes if this gesture appears to be persistent.


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