Cat hidden fence, cat wireless fence, or cat underground fence? Yes!

When most people think of an hidden fence they think about a dog not a cat. However, a cat hidden fence might be just what need.

Just to be clear, a wireless or hidden fence can be used indoors and it is safe for cats. So, if you never let the cat out this is still an option. You can definitely think about how you might set up a no cat zone in your home.

This system is what many stay-at-home-moms use to stay sane when they have pets. One cat can wreak havoc on a pile of paperwork!

Like a dog hidden fence, you need a transmitter and a collar to make the system work. Plug in the radio signal transmitter and put a collar on the cat. Set up your zones using flags, wires, or distance settings and you’re ready to roll. Mild shocks and tones are provided when the cat moves near the boundaries.

As a quick note, we’ve heard that some cats really don’t like the collars. They are somewhat bulky and felines can get easily annoyed. The temperament of your pet is a major factor; don’t expect an easy victory!

Like a hidden fence for a dog, a wireless or underground fence will keep an indoor/outdoor cat out of harms way. You can use an hidden cat fence to keep a pet away from busy roads, your prize rose bush, or your fish pond. You can also prevent a cat from visiting the neighbors, if that is an issue.

Inside you can keep your cat off tables, away from your plants, and away from your valuable electronics. You can also keep aggressive cats away from each other, children, or other animals. The point is that you can customize the coverage areas inside and outside. You’re only limited by your imagination with an hidden cat fence.

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