Cat Illness Symptoms

Be alert of cat illness symptoms when you cat displays different behavior. What are these signs? When should you act? Read below for more now!!!

It should not be difficult for an owner to recognize the cat illness symptoms especially if they know their pet well.

Indeed, all the abnormalities in the behavior of the pet can be signals that something is wrong. Still, you should not jump into conclusions without making a thorough observation.

There are also immediate signs of illness, which are also easily noticed even by people who do not spend much time with their pet or are new in raising cats.

One symptom that most often reveals an illness is the low spirit of the cat. When it is not playful with its tail being way too relaxed and down this is a sign the something is wrong.

You should try to make your cat excited and see how it reacts to determine whether it is about bad mood or whether it is something that can be serious.

The cat will usually try to hide away from you when it is not well.

Another one of the most common cat illness symptoms is the loss of appetite.

This has to be observed for some time in order to be determined with certainty, but if you know your pet’s nutritional habits well this should not be difficult.

Again, you may try to treat the cat with something really delicious and see how it reacts to the gesture.

Usually when the animal is in pain it will produce specific purrs that can often be picked by the owner and determined to be disturbing.

The cats use this method to find relief naturally as the frequency of the produced vibrations sooths the pain they experience. So, be attentive about sound signals of illness.

One of the most evident physical symptoms that a cat is not feeling well is the showing of the third eye lid.

This membrane that is situated in the inner corner of the eye is often not greatly visible, but when the animal is ill it will show itself and cover part of the eye.

You do not need to perform any special observation – as long as you are familiar with the looks of your pet you will be able to notice the change immediately.

Generally, the look of the cat also changes. It becomes glassy as if the eyes are full of tears.

There are also some very evident cat illness symptoms such as the loss of hair on different spots.

Still, disturbing situations such as the pet vomiting do not necessarily mean that the problem is serious.


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