Cat In Carrier - How To Make It Work

Can a cat in carrier make it easier for you to take you precious kitty with you on trips? There are many style and sizes to choose from these days....

Sometimes taking your kitten out of the house can be really stressful and even traumatizing for the pet as well as for you.

In order to avoid this you have to make a number of simple preparations. The first step is to purchase an appropriate cat carrier that should have specific features.

Next you have to get the animal accustomed to their new travel home. Here are some useful tips that will prove to be quite helpful when travelling with a cat in carrier.

Choosing the right item is absolutely essential as the return in case of getting it wrong is always annoying and sometimes even impossible.

The model has to accommodate the pet perfectly – the cat in carrier should be able to lie down and stand inside. At the same time it should not be way too large to allow for playing and vigorous movements.

In order to find the right size it is best to measure your cat and find the appropriate match. Do not miss to take into account the pet’s weight as well.

It is best for the carrier to have two doors – one on top and wide on the side. In this way to convenience of the cat and of the owner is guaranteed.

Cardboard Cat Carrier and Cat Sitting

The mesh ventilation windows should be large enough to provide the perfect aeration of the inside space. The bedding should be soft yet claw proof for the cat in carrier to feel comfy and at ease.

You have to be able to remove it quickly and wash it easily. When choosing among the different models consider your own comfort as well.

Once you get the carrier at home you have to introduce the cat to it before you intend to use it.

You can start by placing the item in the middle of the room and opening the side door allowing the kitten to enter and explore it without being forced inside.

Not every pet is curious although most of them certainly are. In order to get the cat in carrier and make it stay there at least for a while you should place the pet’s favorite toy inside.

To make the new travel home even more appealing you can put some nice treats inside as well. You should repeat the procedure until the cat is comfortable enough to stay inside for at least an hour.

Eventually the pet has to be able to enter the compartment without hassle.


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