Cat Meow

Why does a cat meow sound so cute? Are they trying to communicate with you? Determine what that soft meow sound really means now. Is it hungry or tired or wanting to play? Read on now...

Cats have learned how to communicate with humans or at least how to express themselves in ways which are understandable to us and the cat meow is just one of them.

These very intelligent animals use vocalization to say many things although the communication is usually accompanied with a specific body language.

So, instead of just listening to the sound, you should also look at your pet to figure out exactly what they want.

This might prove to be a bit difficult in the beginning, but with time and careful study of the animal’s behavior you will be able to understand each other perfectly.

One research reveals that there are at least nineteen different types of meow that your cat can make each with a different sound frequency, tone and volume.

Generally, any of these is a call for attention and this is essential to keep in mind.

Sometimes your pet might seem to be meowing without an obvious reason, but you should still check on it and also the surrounding environment to make sure everything is fine.

The cats are much more sensitive than us humans, so do not overlook any ding for concern.

You can try to notice other disturbing body language gestures such as the tail of your pet pointing downwards or the ears being flattened to the head and bent towards the back.

Most often the cat meow means that your pet wants something. It cannot say what it is so you will have to figure it out on your own.

Usually the desire of the animal is very simple – it can be hungry or thirsty. So, check the most obvious things first and then do your duties as a dedicated pet owner.

If the cat wants to go out, it will usually stay by the door and meow while when it needs your attention, it will stand by you and probably try to rub itself around your leg.

This is another way of quickly recognizing what your furry little friend wants – you simply have to take a look around and assess the situation.

New owners or those who have recently taken a new cat from a special breed might find it difficult to recognize the cat meow in the beginning.

This problem is easily solvable – paying more attention to the pet will allow you to get familiar with the sounds it makes. You can also listen to recordings of sounds made by cats from the particular breed.


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