Cat Slow Blink

Can a cat slow blink mean your cat is wantnig to hurt you? Does he have you in his sights waiting to attack? Probably not so read on below ot find out what they are after.

Many owners think that the cat slow blink is a cause for concern especially if it happens way too often.

This is definitely not the case – the felines do not need to do this movement to clear their eyes and have a better sight.

Indeed, the quick blinking with the animal trying to touch its eye with the back of its paw means that there is some king of a foreign object in the eye, but when the action is done slowly and seemingly without any special intent, you should not worry about your pet’s health.

The truth is that this special gesture has a completely different meaning and you can use it to make your furry little treasure feel better.

When a cat blinks this is a sign that it is comfortable and relaxed. You might have noticed that your pet does this after having stared at something or someone for a period of time.

The blinking shows that the potential threat has been examined and that there is nothing to fear from. It rarely happens, but a cat may look at you and blink to express its content and also its affection towards you.

You should not be surprised if the cat slow blink is done with one eye only – this sort of wink is something completely normal and the feline just wants to keep alert and have the other eye open.

Thus, you can use a special blinking technique to communicate with your cat, bond with it and most importantly reassure it and make it calmer.

This will be especially useful when your pet is anxious and makes a mess around the house or when you have to travel with it and take it to the vet.

You should allow some time for the animal to get used to this type of eye contact so it is best to start practicing the technique at home when you and your pet feel comfortable and relaxed.

It is a good idea to keep your distance from the cat. Do not stare when you make eye contact, but simply have a look into the feline’s eye in the gentlest way possible.

Then, you have to close your eyes very slowly and open them in the same manner. Your pet might not react to your own cat slow blink immediately or even after a number of attempts, but you should keep trying until you succeed.


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