Do You Have a Cat Urine Cleaning Problem?

This article will help you learn how to take care of your cat urine cleaning problems. It will also help you decide which cat urine cleaning method will work best for you situation.

There are two ways in which cat urine ends up around the house: through elimination, in which case they use a flat, horizontal surface, like the litterbox, or through spot marking, when urine is sprayed onto an object.

Cat urine is yellowish-brown and can badly stain such things as carpeting, upholstery, floors, mattresses and even walls. Since a cat's diet is higher in protein than a dog's, their odor is much more offensive and also leaves more stains. Therefore, this is why removing the stain and scent of cat urine is extremely difficult.

But before you grab your trusty cat urine cleaner, there are a few steps you'll need to do to completely eradicate odor and stain. Here's how:

Cat Urine Cleaning Method: Blot
Most people would just grab a cleanser and spray away at the wet area. But, by doing this, you're essentially just covering up the smell. It may smell fresh right after cleaning, but since cat urine has not been completely removed, its odor will overcome the scent of the cleaner and will dominate as soon as the scent fades.

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Use paper towels or old newspapers to absorb as much cat urine as possible. Press gently and replace the paper once it has been saturated. If Fluffy the cat chose to mark the spot on a carpet, lay paper towels or newspapers on the area and blot. Replace soaked papers until you end up with dry papers.

Rinse with cool water Use ordinary tap water to dilute whatever cat urine is left in the area. Then, use more paper towels or newspapers to absorb the moisture. Once that's done, there are several things you can do.

Cat Urine Cleaning Method: Baking Soda
If the cat urine is fresh, baking soda will work by eliminating the odor. Since the area is already damp, sprinkle some baking soda on it and rub the soda into the surface briskly and then let dry. Use a vacuum or a brush to remove dried powders from the surface.

Cat Urine Cleaning Method: Use Vinegar
This is a good solution for carpets, but it's best to test the mixture first in an unnoticeable area of the carpet in case the vinegar mix affects the color. Vinegar mix will also work on hardwood and laminate floors, as long as the urine is fresh and removed immediately.

Mix 1/2 cup of white vinegar with 1 quart of warm water. Use a few drops to dampen the area. Place several layers of newspapers or paper towels over the area to absorb the moisture.

To ensure that the towels touch the area, put something heavy on top, such as a wood block or several books or phone directories. Let the area dry for a few hours and then remove the newspapers or paper towels.

Cat Urine Cleaning Method: Use a Commercial Cat Urine Cleaner When the odor persists or the stains are bad, then it's time to turn to an especially-prepared cat urine cleaner. These cleaners contain enzymes that break down the organic materials that make up cat urine, allowing the product's disinfectants and deodorants to penetrate the area and go to work.

However, these cleaners work best once you've removed as much cat urine as possible. Some of the most popular cleaners are are found at Odor Destroyer.

Cat Urine Cleaning: Preventing Future Accidents
Cats usually have no trouble using the litterbox for elimination, but spraying can be a problem, especially for unneutered males. Once an area is sprayed, he might come back to it again and again to reinforce his territory.

In order to prevent reoccurance, there are some commercial sprays available in the market that mimic the natural pheromones cats produce. When these are used on a particular area, a cat's impulse to use urine to mark the area is curbed.

There are two brands to try. No-Mark Spray, which contains clove and garlic extracts, sodium laurel sulfate and feline pheromones. It's odorless (to us) but is quite effective in foiling spraying attempts.

Farnham Feliway Feline Behavior Modification Spray is another product. It mimics the scent of cats' facial pheromones and produces a calming effect on your kitty. This comes in both a spray and the Comfort Zone Plug-In, which can be connected to any electrical outlet to infuse the whole room with pheromone-based protection. It's completely odorless to humans, but is known to relax cats and prevent inappropriate behaviors like spraying and scratching.

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