What are Cat Winks?

Do you think when a cat winks that they are trying to talk to you? Maybe your cat likes you and is telling you in body motion. Read on to find out what your cat is trying to say.

Many owners and other people are not very impressionable and do not give much attention to small gestures such as when their cat winks.

Still, this is a meaningful expression and not an action that is caused by physiological reasons. Quite the opposite – felines do not blink and wink because they need to, but because they want to.

When a cat winks to a person it means exactly the same thing as when one person winks to another person.

It simply says “I like you”. Indeed, this is one of the most obvious ways for a feline to show its affection towards a human.

So, when your cat is winking at you this is definitely a sign that it feels good in your company and is somewhat grateful for your love and care in its own way.

The slow blinking is another gesture of great affection that your pet can express.

In fact, this is quite similar to the winking given that most felines do it with only of their eyes keeping the other one open for the observation of the perimeter.

These animals are predators and it is in their nature to be like this. Still, you can use the signs of appreciation and love that your pet gives you to reciprocate.

Indeed, you can adopt the same technique and apply it to sooth your cat when it is anxious or when it feels scared.

You should start practicing the blinking when you and your pet are at home and both feel comfortable. You should be seated down and look your cat in the eye without staring. Then you can simply blink very slowly once.

After some time of practice this relaxation and bonding method is bound to work.

The cat winking, however, should not be mistaken with obvious signs of eye irritation.

If you notice that your cat does it excessively and intensely, this might be a sign that there is a foreign object in the eye such as a hair, debris or some small insect.

It should be fairly easy to differentiate the two types of blinks since the one that signals trouble is usually accompanied by other body language signs – the cat touches its eye with the back of its paw or rubs its head against its body or against another object.

Generally, you will be able to recognize when your cat winks at you. Do not miss to respond in the same way and pay some more attention to it.


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