Cats and Claw Problems

Let's talk about cats and claw problems. You know that your cat has claws and they sure know how to use their claws, but did you know that there could be something wrong with your cat's claws? After reading this article cat owners will have a better understanding of claw disorders in cats.

There are many different things that can cause nail or nailbed disorders in your pet cat. One common cause is when a cat's owner cuts its nails too short. Why is cutting a cat's nails too short so bad? Unlike a person's nails, a cat's nails can easily become infected when the nails are too short. A cat goes into its litter box and walk around the house or outside. Their nails can come into contact with so many different types of bacteria and fungi and become infected. Other common underlying causes of disorder in a cat's claws include cancer, trauma, and sometimes cats are even born with nail disorders.

How can you tell if your cat has any type of claw disorders? You should notice your cat licking at its paw and claws more excessively than normal. Near their claws there may also be swelling or their claws may appear to be a strange color. Another sign that your cat is suffering from some type of nail disorder is that it appears to be in pain and has trouble walking normally.

Don't try to treat your cat's claw problems yourself. Most things that cause claw disorders require medication for a proper recovery. Therefore, take your cat to the veterinarian. In some cases your cat may even need surgery to help removed infected areas. Your veterinarian will be able to run tests and determine the exact cause of your cat's claw problems. Knowing the cause ensures the most effective treatment option be taken.

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