Cats and Flea Control

Let's talk about cats and flea control.

Fleas are a very annoying thing that many cat and their owners have to deal with frequently. This article will discuss fleas and flea allergies in cats.

Many people don't even realize that their pets can be allergic to fleas, but flea allergies are very common in cats. Cats usually develop allergies to flea bites when they are kittens. Fleas go through different life stages. An adult flea lays eggs on a cat and the egg goes through a few stages until it is an adult flea laying eggs on an animal. 

When a cat is allergic to a flea bite they can have a reaction to as little as one flea bite. A cat with flea allergies will often appear to be itching, have scabs, and may have hair loss. While fleas are small, a lot of times cat owners can see fleas or flea dirt on their cat. Fleas will appear as a very small black thing moving around on a cat's body or fur. One cat can have a lot of fleas on it, therefore more bites and more of an allergic reaction, If your cat is excessively scratching itself, it probably has a flea problem.

You can purchase special flea combs that allow you to get them off of your pet, but the best treatment option is flea medicine that kills both adult fleas and their eggs. Flea medication can be given orally or it may be a topical treatment you out on your cat's skin. You can even buy flea shampoos if your car doesn't mind getting a bath. A onetime treatment may kill fleas, but more can easily get onto your cat, so go for long-term treatment options.

In severe cases, an animal as well as its home or yard can become infested. If this occurs you will need more treatment options. Consult your veterinarian with any questions you have.

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