Common Cats Behavior Prolems And Tips For Solution

Many cats behavior problems can be indentified quickly and a solution put in place to resolve. You need to be aware of what to look for and when to get professional help.

Despite being indoor pets, the domesticated felines are not always acting as your expect them to and for this reason you are simply bound to know more about cats’ behavior as an owner.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the cats are animals and what is perfectly normal for them might be a problem for you.

So, you need to find solutions to the issues that arise in a way that will be beneficial for both you and your cat.

Here are some ideas on dealing with common problems you may be having with your cat.

One of the most serious issues many owners find impossible to deal with is their pet not using the litter box, but going to other places such as flower boxes or even directly on the carpet.

The way to deal with this problem is definitely not punishment such as using a tampon damped with urine and sticking it to your cat’s nose.

The first step is to check whether the litter box is clean – you might have missed to do it and your feline will immediately feel this and react.

If this is not the cause then you should definitely take the cat to a vet. Often when these animals have urinal infections they associate the pain with using the litter box and start to avoid it.

Most owners find the cats’ behavior when scratching furniture more than annoying and costly.

It might be ruining your interior decoration, but this act is completely normal – the cat is doing it because it is taking care of its claws, exercising and marking its territory.

In such cases it is important not to go for the most obvious solution – declawing. This can have serious side effects and cause other behavioral problems.

Instead, you can just give your kitty a new toy – a scratching post.

Since the most popular models are vertical and you would normally go for one, you should pick a post that is taller than your cat so that it can stay stable and the kitty can stretch comfortably.

Another type of cats’ behavior that is considered odd is the sudden and unprovoked aggression towards humans.

In most cases this is explained solely by the animal’s nature and character. Indeed, perhaps your cat is not really sociable and wants to have its privacy.

Sometimes you just have to accept the way things are and try to prevent people from being hurt.


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