Why Do Cats Blink Slowly?

When cats blink slowly are thet trying to watch your every move? They are communicating with you this way and it means that they feel comfortable around you.

You have probably seen many cats blink slowly and even your own and asked yourself why they may be doing this.

This is not a physiological act – the felines do not need to fix their sight by blinking as they are predators whose natural behavior is to stay alert.

For this reason some people describe this gesture as winking since they see a cat doing it with only one eye keeping the other one open.

This behavioral action has psychological causes. In fact, it is a way in which these animals communicate with humans and other cats.

When cats blink slowly this simply means that they are relaxed and comfortable and do not feel threatened.

This behavior is most evidently noticed when a feline is staring at a person, another animal or an object and then suddenly starts making this gesture.

Such an action can also be performed when the animal is resting. The feline does that to show its satisfaction and often keeps its eye half way open throughout the entire period of rest.

Indeed, in some cases a cat can blink just because it has something in its eye, but in this case the action will not be slow.

The blinking will be quick and somehow chaotic and accompanied by body language, which is signaling that something is wrong.

Often when a cat blinks at a human and especially its owner this is considered to be a sign of affection.

This is arguable according to specialists in cat behavior, but it surely means that your pet is comfortable with you and that it accepts you as its companion.

In such cases you might want to respond to this gesture in the same way and blink back. All you need to do is stay at some distance away from your kitty, preferably seated, look at it and blink very slowly one time.

There are both owners and experts who claim that this method of communication helps the pet to become more relaxed even in stressful situations.

In any case you should keep in mind that the felines are complex creatures whose nature is still quite wild.

So, when cats blink slowly, you have to assess the situation before responding.

If there are any body language signs of aggression or if your pet is reacting negatively to your gaze and blinking, then you might prefer to look at it from a distance.


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