Learn About Cats Body Language And Have Some Fun!

Want to know about cats body language such as cat blinking, cat aggression, and cat ears? This article explains a lot of this cat behavior insanity!

Cats are lovable and sweet most of the time, but sometimes they can get aggressive without you knowing where this behavior came from. The reality is that these gorgeous animals are not unpredictable as they might seem. Let's talk about cat behavior.

As long as you learn how to understand feline body language you will be able to get the right signals from your pet and spare yourself the surprise attacks and the scratches. This can be particularly helpful when you have small kids around – they too will need to learn how to the cat communicates and how they should behave.

Need to know even more about cats body language?

Your cat will show its mood with its whole body as well as with the eyes head and mouth...

However, you will be able to get the most notable cats body language signals from your cat's tail and ears.

The tail up means that your kitten is happy to see you and is ready to give you all the love that you deserve as a caring owner.

As the tail goes down, the mood of your cat or kitten becomes more specific. If it is half way down this means the kitten is ready to interact with you, but it is not very confident. The cat is uneasy.

It is best to leave your cat alone when they have their tail aloft and slightly crooked in the end – they feel unsure and are not at ease with your presence.

The tail between the legs signals only one thing – defensive aggression. You might not be the cause of it, but you definitely have to stay away from the cat.

Cats body language is also quite evident if you focus solely on the ears. Remember that they move independently of each other and this is not a cause for concern.

A healthy cat will normally have their ears in an upright pointing position all the time. When your pet’s ears point forward you can be certain that it is comfortable and at ease although as a predator they are always alert. If the ears are sideways this means that the pet is attentive to the surrounding environment.

You should be careful when the kitten’s ears are pointing back – this is a sing of disturbance and an outburst of aggression might be coming very soon. When the ears are flat against the head of the animal and are pointed back this is a clear signal of aggression.

You will find more about the cats’ body language as long as you devote enough time to observing the behavior of your own pet.

Editor's Note: Learn more about cat blinking here!


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