Chinchillas and Choking

Let's discuss about chinchillas and choking. As we all know, humans and animals can all choke, but choking can be a little more serious for chinchillas. Why? Because they can't vomit. A choking chinchilla can easily end up in respiratory distress. This article will discuss chinchillas and choking and what to do if your own chinchilla is choking.

Chinchillas can choke on a piece or food, bedding, anything that they put in their mouth that blocks their airway. Sometimes female chinchillas choke on their own placentas which they eat after giving birth to their babies.

Obviously, if a chinchilla is choking something must be done immediately or they may not get enough oxygen and die. The symptoms of choking in chinchillas are the same for people, coughing, gasping for air, etc. If something is caught in your chinchilla's windpipe, but not completely blocking the animal from breathing they may seem restless, have excessive salivation, they may stop eating, and you may actually be able to their esophagus bulging.

Diagnosing choking is usually fairly easy. If you see the previously mentioned symptoms, your chinchilla is most likely choking. You can take your pet to the veterinarians and they can give medication that helps the movement of the esophagus so the food can go through. If the object that is causing the choking is closer to the mouth, it may be removed with forceps. If nothing works, your veterinarian may actually perform surgery to remove the obstruction.

To prevent your chinchilla from ever choking, don't give it large pieces of food. Also, make sure it's bedding isn't something that could easily get caught in their throat if swallowed.

Choking is awful and chinchillas can't do much to help themselves when choking. If your chinchilla is choking, you will have to act fast and do what you can to help save its life.

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