Choosing the Right Dog

This article is about choosing the right dog or puppy for your family. Some of the most important questions are given to you to think about and answer.

Bringing home a new dog or puppy is a major responsibility for the entire family. Consider the lifespan of the puppy or the dog that you're bringing home, for example. You're looking at a 1015 or even 20 year commitment.

Bringing home a new dog or puppy is a major responsibility for the entire family. Consider the lifespan of a puppy through adulthood. You're looking at a 10, 15 or even 20 year commitment. So when you choose you must choose wisely, and be ready to bring a new family member home.

Many parts of your life will change. You'll be inconvenienced. You have financial responsibilities, such as medical expenses and food. You'll have ruined furniture, rugs, and woodwork. For some people, this is no small matter.

Choosing the right dog must be considered from many different angles. For example, you must consider age, breed, and temperament of the dog you bring home. You also must look at your lifestyle. For example do you love to travel? Do you have other pets? Do you have children? All of these factors will determine what dog is right for you to bring home.

If you have kids at home, you must choose a dog breed that his kid friendly. You might need to bring home a puppy you can raise yourself and train. Or you might need to find an older dog who is very good-natured or who can be trained easily.

You must consider situations related to other dogs in your home. How do you know that your current dog or other pets will get along with the new one you're bringing home? Some dog breeds have instincts that make them unsuitable to live with other dogs and cats, especially if they have not been properly trained and socialized.

It's never a good idea to bring home a new puppy to surprise the family. It might seem fun, but that spur of the moment action could put the entire family at risk. Does everyone want dog? Is there a certain kind of dog that the entire family wants? Who's going to take care of the dog?

TIP: Each family member should write a list that outlines what type of dog they would like. This will get everyone on the same page about the new canine to be brought into the family.

To choose the right dog you must consider age. Will it be a puppy or an adult dog? Although the idea of bringing up a puppy sounds good, it might not be realistic at all. You might have a very active lifestyle and handling a small pup could be a major challenge. Puppies are high energy and are high in maintenance. If you're not ready to actively engage the puppy, definitely consider an older dog who'll be more calm, at least in most cases.

Now that you've considered all the different factors related to choosing the right dog, now it's time for a serious assessment. Here are some final questions to round out your decision.

Choosing the Right Dog: 5 Key Questions

First, have you considered that dogs have a relatively long lifespan? You'll be making a commitment that last years and years.

Second are you prepared to clean up after the dog? Are you ready to have some of your prized possessions destroyed? Unfortunately, it does happen.

Third, are you prepared to have your freedom limited? Taking a vacation with a dog is not easy, especially for older persons, or large families.

Fourth, do you have money, time, and patience to deal with potential health problems? Dogs are animals and they do get sick.

Finally, do you have your arms around all the potential expenses? Pets are not cheap. They require food, medicine, toys, and more.

Good luck choosing the right dog!

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