Common Eye Disorders in Fish

Have yo thought of any common eye disorders in fish, eye disorders? Let's talk about it here right now.

Without proper care, fish tend to experience a lot of common health issues. Some of these issues involved the development of eye disorders. Luckily, these disorders can be treated and fix often recover quickly.

The first is known as pop eye. Just like the name suggests, it is when the eye of a fish appears to be poping out. This is a disease usually caused by dirty water conditions. Many fish diseases are caused by unmaintained aquariums. A fish experiences water fluid retention and therefore the buildup of bodily fluids cause one or both eyes to protrude from the eye sockets. This symptom should easily be noticed.

If you notice pop eye in your pet fish immediately clean the fish's water and add some salt to the clean water. You will also have to go to a pet store and purchase an antibacterial treatment. Treat drop eye from happening in the future or to your other fish by regularly cleaning the water.

Another common eye disorder in fish is cloudy eye. Once again the name basically explains itself. This is a disorder in which the fish's eyes will appear to have a cloudy lining over them instead of being clear and bright. The cloudiness is a mucus that forms on the eye surface. Cloudy eye can also be noticed by the fish's actions. They may seem less active due to their impaired vision.

There are various causes of cloudy eye including dirty water, corneal damage, bacterial infection, vitamin deficiency, and unhealthy diet. If your fish has cloudy eye the treatments will be similar to the treatments for pop eye. Clean water and add salt. Improve your fish's diet or give it vitamins. If the problem doesn't go away antibiotics may also have to be tried. Cloudy eye can be prevented by keeping water clean and making sure your fish has a balanced diet.

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