Contagious Infection In Rats

Let's talk about contagious infection in rats.

Contagious infections in pets can be quite dangerous. It's important to know what contagious infections your pets are at risk of getting especially since some can be passed on to humans. Also, if you have more than one pet, you need to prevent the spread of contagious infections. This article will discuss contagious parvovirus infection in rats.

There is no cure for parvovirus. All you can do it take measures to prevent it in the first place and prevent it from spreading to your other pet rats. If you notice any strange behavior or symptoms in one of your rats you should separate them from others and take them to a veterinarian.

The most noticeable symptoms of parvovirus in rats is bloody diarrhea and vomiting. However, not all the other symptoms of things you will see externally or be able to notice immediately. Male rats with parvovirus often have hemorrhaging. Females that are pregnant and have parvovirus will often have small litters, underdeveloped babies, or give birth to stillborn newborns. Parvovirus also causes infertility in both sexes and actually kills brain cells.

Since there is no cure for parvovirus it is important to seek treatment early if there is any hope of your pet rat recovering from the disease. If you notice bloody diarrhea or vomiting and immediately go to the veterinarian, there are some things can help your rat. Electrolytes and a lot of fluids. It's similar to what to might do if you get ill. There is never a guarantee that any rat will recover from parvovirus, it is often fatal, however recovery can happen.

Since parvovirus tends to be the end for infected rats, it is good to know that many rats don't get this disease. It is actually fairly rare in pet rats.

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