Causes Of Coprophagia In Dogs And How To Deal With It

Is coprophagia in dogs common among breeds or just an overall trait they pick up? Why do they do it and does poop really taste good?

The condition of coprophagia in dogs in not uncommon and the owners find it extremely repulsive.

Indeed, if your beloved pet is eating poop, you will be more than distressed and confused about what to do next.

Firstly, you should discover the reasons for this abnormal behavior and then find the appropriate method for curing your pup from this disgusting habit.

In some cases the coprophagia in dogs is a normal behavior and should not be regarded as an issue.

When a female dog is nursing it might eat the feces of its puppies. This is a natural instinct for the mother to try and conceal the presence of the little ones and in this way protect them from enemies.

Often when a dog is young it wants to try out everything and apart from eating your shoes and the carpet it might eat some poop too.

In such cases, you might want to leave the things the way they are and wait for the situation to become normal naturally.

However, there might be other reasons why a dog is suffering from coprophagia and these might be both physical and psychological.

It might seem strange to some, but sometimes an animal may be eating feces to supply its body with specific nutrients that it lacks.

Alternatively, when a pet is given bad dog food containing contaminants, it may associate it with poop and consume it.

When a pup is punished for having pooped on an inappropriate place, it might start eating its own feces to avoid suffering.

When dogs are confined in carriers or other types of enclosures and do not have the opportunity to do their thing, they will do it in the place where they stay and eat the poop in order to keep their home clean.

In such cases of coprophagia in dogs you should consult a veterinarian especially if you cannot find the exact reason for the behavior, but you can also try some simple home treatments as well.

Feeding your dog more regularly with high quality food rich in nutrients is the first step.

It might also be a good idea to take a pet to do its physiological things to an area which is clean of feces and take the poop of your dog away immediately before it has the chance to eat it.

You should definitely give your pup other things to play with – present more toys to eat and take it for walks more often allowing it to meet with fellow dogs.


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