Custom Leather Dog Collar

That custom leather dog collar will make your pet feel strongg and proud. Better yet you can customize it match your dogs color and character. Read on for more...

For preferred fit and lifelong wear the Custom Leather Dog Collar is the Ideal Choice!

Nothing could be better than a custom leather dog collar when it comes time to find the highest quality neck accessory for your precious canine companion.

The collar is the preferred choice when it comes to outfitting the best of breeds.

A custom leather dog collar is not only highly revered in many dog circles it is a must.

The reason being is it provides your dog the best in collar wear and can be worn for the life of the dog.

Further as time goes by it tends to not look unsightly like many collars made of other materials and true to its workmanship remains stylishly superior.

The reason may be the one-hundred year old tannery process employed relative to many fine-grade leathers.

This assures the leather will age well by becoming softer with time and even more comfortable around your dog's neck.

Further, the edges are generally treated with something natural such as bees-wax to keep the reinforced edges from fraying.

Other forms of leather such as the English bridle series offers so much in the way of detail and superior craftsmanship that many top producer's work is easily recognized around your dog's neck.

The first leather work will wear well projecting a distressed vintage look with the years; and the second type of leather will maintain its polished exterior. Both will denote quality.

The custom leather applications may be manufactured into a regular collar or Martingale collar.

With respect to the first application, you merely measure around the circumference of the center of your pooch's neck. Hold the tape measure so that it is snug however not tight. You may add one inch to the measurement for comfort.

When measuring for a custom Martingale collar or show collar, you'll want to place the tape measure just below the dog's ears and away from the throat.

Add, once again an inch so your puppy is comfortable when wearing it. It is also important to record his weight and age so that the craftsman or craftswoman may verify the measurement.

In summary, if you wish to purchase a lifelong neck accessory for your dog, nothing could be a wiser investment than a collar custom made using the highest grade(s) in leather.

You may easily find one by searching on-line.


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