Dealing with Your Dog Running Away and Marking Its Territory

Let's talk about dealing with your dog running away and marking its territory. You love your dog and you may let it get away with some things, but once it begins to run away often or excessively mark its territory, something may have to be done. It's not safe for dogs to run away, they can get lost or hurt and it's not okay for a dog to mark its territory in the house. So if you're looking for information on dealing with your dog running away and marking its territory then read on. This article will explain ways for dogs owners to deal with their dog's roaming and marking.

When most dogs roam and mark their territory it is normal. However, if your dog seems to be doing these things excessively and is causing some issues, it can't hurt to get them checked. People go to doctors for checkup so why not take your dog to a veterinarian just to be safe. Your veterinarian can do a physical examination, ask you questions about your dog, run tests, and figure out if there could actually be a medical reason for your dog excessively roaming or marking. If it is a medical issue, your veterinarian can provide treatment.

So, what if your dog's roaming and marking isn't a medical issue? There are still things that you can do. First, any veterinarian or pet expert will recommend spaying or neutering your dog. Doing this decreases a dog's urge to roam and mark. It can often fix both problems.

Sometimes marking and roaming are nothing but a behavioral problem. There are options for this as well. Your veterinarian will probably diagnose the issues as a behavioral problem and can help explain a plan you should start working on to fix the behavioral problem.

You will probably have to change you and your dog's daily routines, such as more bathroom breaks, or more exercise. If you don't walk your dog on a leash and it has a problem with roaming, starting walking it on a leash. Let your dog outside more and take it on more walks to eliminate marking in the house. Playing with your dog more, allows your dog to be happier and use up energy so it won't get bored and want to roam.

You may also want to get a fence so your dog can't run away. Also, if you have no other pets and get a fenced in yard, your dog probably won't smell other animals and will have its own boundaries with the fence, therefore not needing to mark its territory like it had been.

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