Dealing With Your Dog's Aggression Towards Other Canines

Let's discuss about dealing with your dog's aggression towards other canines. You love your dog and know that it would never hurt you. However, you notice that your dog is often aggressive towards other dogs. Does this seem strange to you? Why isn't your dog friendly with other dogs? This article can help you better understand why dogs are aggressive and how you can deal with it.

Dogs may be aggressive to dogs that are strangers and sometimes even to a dog that is in the same family. If you have more than one dog are they best friends or are they competing? Some dogs try to establish a social status, they try to be top dog. Not all dogs are aggressive and they ones that are may be for different reasons. Some dogs are breed to fight and are aggression is their personality, their instinct. Other dogs are aggressive because of an underlying medical cause. Some dogs where just never taught right or weren't exposed to other dogs when they were younger.

So, how can you deal with or stop your dog's aggressive behavior towards other dogs? Before you do anything you need to take your aggressive dog to the veterinarian. As mentioned, aggression can be a symptoms of some medical issues so you want to rule those out first. If your veterinarian determines that your dog is healthy and the aggression isn't health related then there are a few things you can do. Spaying or neutering should be the first step. Your veterinarian will most likely recommend this.

If you can afford it, you may want to hire a dog trainer. If that's not an option than you will have to be your dog's trainer. Keep your dog away from other dogs because you don't want it to get into a fight. A fight could lead your dog injured or could leave you liable for the injuries your dog causes to another dog. Make sure your dog knows that aggression is not okay and that you will not allow it.

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