What To Look For In A Designer Dog Carrier

Do you need a designer dog carrier? Make your pet feel like royalty by purchasing trendiest carrier on the market today.

If you feel that your puppy deserves the utmost pampering you should not hesitate to spoil them with comfort even when travelling.

There are numerous reasons why opt for a designer dog carrier from the glamour to the pure convenience. Most customers, however, are put off by the high prices.

You can think of the purchase as a long term investment that will certainly pay off. Plus, you can readily take advantage of the numerous discount and promotional offers that can be found online.

You only problem will be how to make the right choice. Here are some tips that can aid you in buying the most lavish and comfy model.

The most essential thing to keep in mind is not to fall for the glam and brand name at first, but consider the functional features of the designer dog carrier.

Make sure your puppy can fit in comfortably and that the item can support their weight effectively. Another practical feature to consider is the ventilation of the bag – there has to be a large opening for the head.

Still, it is best if the whole top is not covered so that the dog can feel at ease and breathe normally. Alternatively, the carrier should be equipped with mesh ventilation windows.

You do not have to worry about the look of these – the designers have taken care of this problem and have made the windows stylish and matching the color of the material the item is made from.

Another thing to look for is the inner tether of the designer dog carrier. Usually, the models come equipped with leashes or collars that allow for the secure positioning of the pup.

The inner lining and padding of the carrier as well as the additional cushions and quilts have to be easy to clean.

The trendiest designer carriers are made from high quality canvas or leather. The hip models resemble completely the ones of hand bags, totes and purses.

The geometrical designs with additionally softened lines and edges are the real hit right now. These are usually equipped with a number of functional external pockets that are the accents of the models.

The colors range from the classic black to the lovely brown in all its variations. You can go for a brown designer dog carrier with baby pink or blue accents – you will be the total envy of the crowd.

The glossy red and gold colored models are ideal for the evening out with your favorite pet.


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