Diagnosing and Treating Carp Pox in Fish

Diagnosing and treating carp pox in fish is not as hard as it seems. A good knowledge of the disease, and some useful tips from fellow fish enthusiast would greatly benefit your understanding about it.

Carp pox is named so because it is usually a infection seen in carp, however it also commonly affects other fish including koi.

Carp pox is a quite visible viral infection that appears as waxy or opaque lumps. These lesions show up all over a fish's body. They can be on their body, tail, or face. They can even almost cover an entire fish in some cases. However, these are more severe cases.

It has been observed that carp pox shows up in koi during the early spring, however it is not limited to only koi or only one time of year. A lot of times as water temperature rise with warmer weather, the lesions clear up.

There isn't a cure for carp pox, the best treatment seems to be warm water. Affected fish should be separated from any others and put in a tank of warm water until their lesions completely disappear. Some salt can also be added to water to help fish recover from carp pox. Consult a vet or fish professional if you have any questions although there aren't any medical or chemical treatments. It is pretty much up to warm water and a fish's immune system to cure itself.

In fish like koi, older fish tend to build up an immunity to carp pox, which occurs typically in younger koi. Some fish owners have fish that get the infection once and never again. However, other fish keepers have koi that get carp pox every winter and then it clears up with warmer weather and warmer water temperatures.

Carp pox is not deadly, but if the viral infection gets serious is can compromise a fish's immune system leaving the fish more susceptible to other infections and parasites which could possibly turn deadly.

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