Different Feeding Methods For Cats

Let's discuss different feeding methods for cats. You're getting a cat and you've spent the time finding a healthy cat food for it. You might think the hard part of food decision making is over, but it's not. There are different ways that you can feed your cat. This article can help a cat owner decide which feeding method they should implement.

Some cat owners decide to go with free feeding which is when you just leave your cat's bowl full of food out so it can just eat whenever it wants. The other method is when you have a schedule or a certain portion that you always give your cat. This is feeding your cat everyday at a certain time and only enough for one meal. So, which method is better? It depends on you.

Free feeding should really only be done with dry food because canned food can go bad faster than dry will. This option tends to be best for multiple cat households or for cat owners that sometimes work long day or have strange hours. If you can't always be home by 6 o'clock and don't want your cat to be starving then just leave food out for it. Then, you can work late, run errands, or do whatever you want after work. If you have multiple cats you may have to feed them multiple times so free feeding is sometimes any easier way to make sure all cats get enough food. The downside of free feeding is that some cats will just keep eating and become overweight.

Scheduled feedings work best for someone that has a predictable schedule. If you like to follow routines everyday and always get home on time then this can be a great feeding method. Some pets are more well behaved and less anxious if they have some daily routines such as a specific feeding time. This method also prevents overeating which is good since obesity can cause health problems in cats.

Both methods work, simply choose the one that works best for you and your cat.

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