Do Cats Get Hernias?

Do cats get hernias? Most pet owners do not realize that pets can get a lot of the same health issues as humans can. One example of this is hernias. Hernias in cats are much more common that most cat owners know. This article will discuss symptoms and treatment options of hernias in cats.

Hernias in cats and people are painful. They can even be life threatening in cats so it's important to know about them. What is a hernia? It's actually the protrusion of an organ. Hernias are most common in a cat's abdomen. It is when part of the stomach or intestine protrudes through the abdominal wall or pops through some type of gap inside the cat.

Hernias in cats can be congenital meaning the cat was born with it or acquired which is when something such as an injury causes a hernia to develop. Congenital hernias are caused by a cat being born with abnormalities. These are less common and are not the result of any type of injury.

A serious fall or trauma to a cat's abdomen are common causes of acquired hernias. These hernias can be serious. Trauma can cause a cat's stomach, liver, and/or intestines to push against the animal's abdomen which can lead to a rupture. When these organs are herniated they can actually enter the cat's chest and put pressure on the animal's lungs. This type of hernia often occurs if a cat is hit by a car without being killed.

How can you tell if your cat has a hernia? Symptoms of hernias in cats include a noticeable bulge or protrusion, coughing, difficulty breathing, and vomiting. Your cat may also not do much physical activity or exercise and it may stop eating.

If you notice these type of symptoms immediately take your cat to a veterinarian. There are different types of hernias that can occur. Your veterinarian can locate the hernia, figure out what caused it and treat it.

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