Do Dogs Get Acid Reflux?

Do dogs get acid reflux? Gastrpesophageal reflux is more commonly known as Acid Reflux. Many people suffer from heartburn and acid reflux and many don't realize that their dog could have it too. This article will discuss causes, symptoms, and treatments of acid reflux in dogs.

Acid reflux in dogs can occur at any age, however it is actually more common in younger dogs because the muscular opening that connects the stomach to the esophagus is still developing. Other causes include chronic vomiting. Acid reflux can be associated with a hiatal hernia which is present at birth. Also, if your dog requires surgery and anesthesia acid reflux can sometimes occur.

Acid reflux can be painful as it can cause damage to the lining of a dog's esophagus. How does acid reflux cause damage? There are gastric acids in stomachs as well as bile salts, pepsin, and other fluids that cause damage when they flow up to the esophagus. When damage occurs it is known as esophagitis. Different degrees of damage may occur. In severe cases a dog will drool excessively and have a fever.

Your dog can't talk so how can you know if it has acid reflux? If your dog is vomiting up its food, appears to have a lack of appetite, begins losing weight, or appears to experience pain when swallowing then it might have acid reflux. Take it to a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.

Your vet may have to use an internal camera to view the lining of your dog's esophagus. If this procedure reveals that the problem is acid reflux then your veterinarian will discuss treatment options with you. Your vet will explain dietary changes that you need to make. Your dog will need to be switched to a low-protein, low-fat diet of frequent small meals. Your vet may also prescribe medication to help reduce your dog's acid reflux. A follow-up appointment will also be needed.

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