Do Dogs Get the Common Cold?

Do dogs get the common cold? People are always worrying about catching a cold. It's a common illness, but it can be very annoying and inconvenient. A cold can happen during any time of the year and when one person in your family get a cold it usually spread to everyone else. Did you ever think about if your dog could get a cold when the rest of your family is sick with colds? This article will discuss dogs and colds.

A dog can get a cold, however your pet won't get the cold from you and you won't catch your dog's cold. There are some things that can be spread between humans and animals, but not a cold. If your dog gets a cold he may have the same symptoms as you, but it's a different virus.

How can you tell if your canine friend has a doggie cold? Your dog may sneeze, have a runny nose, watery eyes, etc. As mentioned these symptoms are similar to the symptoms of a cold in humans. If you have more than one dog, they may spread the cold to each other, but the human members of the family don't have to worry.

If your dog appears to have a cold you should take them to a veterinarian just to be safe. Many illnesses in pets have similar symptoms. You should take your dog to the veterinarian to make sure that your dog does in fact only have a cold and nothing more serious. If your dog has a different virus, it could possibly be one that is contagious and can be spread to different species. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Some dog illnesses that get mistaken as colds by the owners include kennel cough, canine distemper, parainfluenza, parasites, and more. Some dogs could even have an allergy, but the owner simply thinks the dog has a cold. Dog owners aren't expected to be experts on dog illnesses, so if your dog appears sick at all, take them to the veterinarian.

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