Do Hedgehogs Make Good Pets?

Do hedgehogs make good pets? Hedgehogs are a very unique pet and they can be great, if you are willing to give them the proper care that they need to be healthy and happy. Many people underestimate how much care pets require. Small pets like rabbits, hamster, and hedgehogs require a lot of care just as a cat or dog does. This article can help you determine if a hedgehog is the right pet for your household.

First of all, you need to check if it's even legal for you to have a hedgehog where you live. This may sound crazy, but these small creatures are illegal in some places and other places require permits. In the state of Arizona hedgehogs are legal, but it's nearly impossible to meet all the requirements needed to own one so it's very tricky. In Maine you need two permits to own a hedgehog and it can take awhile to get these permits. In Hawaii, California, Georgia, and Pennsylvania hedgehogs are illegal. These pets are also illegal in the five boroughs of New York City.

Keep in mind that hedgehogs are nocturnal, so you will probably have to play with them later at night or early in the morning. They also have unique diets. You can feed them cry dog or cat food as long as it is high quality. You can also give them fruits, many like bananas. Also, you will have to feed a hedgehog crickets and mealworms. You can purchase these at a pet store.

If you decide to get a hedgehog you need to be aware that you should let it out of its cage every day. Be careful when first handling them because of their quills. At first handle them with a towel. Once your pet hedgehog gets used to you, they will relax and you will be able to pick them up without their quills hurting you. Setting up some type of large box or play area is usually a good idea for when your hedgehog is out of its cage. Wire mesh cages work well for housing hedgehogs. Provide a hedgehog with plenty of hiding spots in its cage as well.

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