Do It Yourself Dog Kennel

Let's discuss about building a do it yourself dog kennel. You want your dog to be comfortable while outside in its kennel so why not give it a custom home. This article explains how you can build your own dog kennel for your special pooch.

First, figure out how big you want the dog kennel. A kennel shouldn't be too big because you want it to be cozy and warm , however your dog needs room to lay down, stand up, and move around. The right size will vary depending on the size of your dog. Once you've come up with he dimensions go to a hardware store and get enough non-toxic wood to build the appropriate sized kennel.

Don't forget to get flooring material for the kennel and when you begin to build the kennel have it above the ground a few inches so rain, snow, and moisture don't ruin the floor. Use whatever you want to lift it off the ground, a concrete base, hollow platform, or use stilts. Building your kennel with a slight slope makes it easier to wash and drain.

Once you've constructed the base and floor start cutting and attaching the sides. You can use a hammer or a drill, whichever one you are more comfortable with. You will need to create a door or just cut out a hole for a door.

Make sure there are no rough edges that can harm your dog. Check all the nails or screws to make sure they aren't sticking out. Next, you will have to add a roof. A detachable one makes cleaning a breeze.

Lastly, you will need to make the kennel comfortable for your pooch with some bedding. Outdoor furniture cushions will probably be the best. They are weather resistant and easy to clean while still being comfy for your canine.

Ask the employees at your local hardware store about the best wood, flooring, and roof materials to use.

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