Does Herpes Cause Cancer in Frogs?

Does herpes cause cancer in frogs? You may not have known that frogs could even get herpes let alone have it cause cancer too. This article discusses how.

Scientists previously discovered frogs in the northeastern United States with tumors caused by herpes. These cancerous tumors are now called Lucke's Tumor. This condition usually occurs in frogs that live outdoors. However, some pet amphibians are sometimes taken from the wild, so you may want to be aware of this strange frog cancer.

Frog eggs and embryos are actually the most susceptible to the herpes virus and not all pet frogs come from the most reputable places. Therefore, it is possible for a pet frog whose egg was infected to have herpes. Although, young are more susceptible to herpes, Lucke's Tumor won't show until a frog is an adult. The herpes virus that leads to the cancer is transmitted through an infected urine.

The herpes virus needs cold temperatures to grow, therefore it is not usually seen during the summer months. It is actually most common during the early spring when frogs stop hibernating.

Lucke's Tumor is typically known to affect leopard frogs. If you have a pet leopard frogs that has the following symptoms you will want to contact your veterinarian. Symptoms include tumors, bloating, and lethargy. Your veterinarian will probably perform biopsies of the tumors to make a proper diagnosis.

The bad thing about Lucke's Tumor is that it is usually fatal. Veterinarian's usually have to do the biopsies after a frog is already dead. If your pet amphibian is still alive at your veterinarian's office, they will most likely recommend you euthanize your pet.

Unfortunately, there is no known treatment for this viral disease. Therefore, your veterinarian will usually suggest euthanasia for the amphibian, as to not allow the spread of the disease.

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