Does Your Dog Eat Everything and Anything?

Does your dog eat everything and anything? Well, if you have a dog you know that they will eat almost anything. This article will discuss why dogs eat strange things and what you can do about it.

There are actually medical terms for this behavior in dogs. When a dog craves and eats things that aren't food it's called Pica. Eating feces is referred to as Coprophagia. This is a issue that is quite common in dogs.

Most of the time these things are just dogs being dogs. Occasionally, there can actually be an underlying cause to it. Health issues such as diabetes anemia, vitamin deficiencies, inflammatory bowel diseases, and intestinal parasites can cause pica and coprophagia. However, if your dog is eating feces or abnormal objects, don't worry too much yet. If there are no other symptoms or changes in your dog's behavior or appearance, there probably isn't an underlying cause. If you are concerned you can always take your dog for a veterinary check up.

Dogs might eat crumbs, food, dirt and anything they find on the ground including rocks, clay. Some dogs may even eat soap. While there might not be an underlying cause, pica and coprophagia aren't healthy for a dog. Eating non-food items can cause choking, internal blockage, poisoning and many other problems.

If your dog eats strange things, you need to do something. Try to eliminate your dog's access to the things it most commonly eats. Vacuum your floors often, closely watch what your dog is eating when outside, don't leave small objects out where your dog can reach, etc. You will also have to do some behavioral therapy. Train your dog not to eat non-food items. It might take awhile, but be patient and stick with it. If you want your dog to remain healthy, you need to make sure they are only consuming healthy food.

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