Does Your Dog Keep You Awake?

Does your dog keep you awake?

If you have a dog then you probably know all about the troubles of letting your dog in bed or in the same room as you. Some dogs are bed hogs and most dogs just can't seem to get settled at night. If your dog keeps you up at night then this article is for you. Continue reading to find out what you can do.

Your dog was once a cute little puppy that you didn't mind cuddling in bed with. However, puppies grow up and unless it's a small breed, you are probably having some trouble with sharing your bed. Does your dog sprawl out and take up most of the bed? You can try to push them, but that doesn't always work. You can also sleep at weird angles where your dog leaves you room, but that's not comfortable and it is your bed, not your dogs. You can also try closing your door, but your dog is used to sleeping with you and will probably sit outside your door whining and barking. Your best option is to do crate training. Put your dog in a crate with a comfortable bed. You can put it in your room so your dog won't bark and keep you up. At first this training may be difficult, but you will both be more comfortable and get better sleep.

Is your dog full of too much energy and can't settle down at night. Many dog owners have problems with their dog running around the house at night and barking at every light noise and shadow. This is enough to annoy anyone, especially if you're tired and grumpy. To fix this problem try taking your dog for long walks or runs every day. You can do this instead of going to the gym. You and your dog will get workouts and your dog will use up all its energy. You can also hire a dog walker for when you are at work. Extra exercise will help your dog be tired at bed time.

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