Is it possible? A dog and cat getting along? Certainly!

This article is about the possibility of a dog and cat getting along. Included are some tips and tricks for keeping everyone happy, including you. Will your dog and cat become best friends?

When people get along like “cats and dogs”, it simply means that there is no common ground. Fights between these two animals have been recorded since time immemorial. There was almost never a time that they got along. Even the movies depict the strange hate-relationship of the two species.

Dog and Cat Getting Along: Some Questions

Are you are one of those people who love both cats and dogs? Do you plan to have them both in your household? What can you do to help these two get along with each other? Don’t worry, there are ways to help them adjust to each other. You can bring harmony to your household by taking note of some of these precautions.

Let’s say that you already have a cat and you are planning to bring a puppy home with you for the first time. You could prepare yourself by putting them in separate rooms, or corners with a division in between them like a good and sturdy baby gate. Your cat will surely be curious of the new arrival. Just let your cat sniff out the puppy as much as she wants.

In case it is a dog that you already have at home and it’s a new kitten or cat that you’re bringing home, you are lucky if the dog has already been trained. You can give your dog basic commands so he will not attack. Otherwise, you should just put him on a leash short enough so he cannot reach the cat. If he tries to run after the cat, just step on the leash end and command him to sit. Of course it is necessary to give him praise if he obeys you.

Dog and Cat Getting Along: The Next Steps

As your pets get used to being together and sharing the same space, the baby gate will still come in handy. A young cat can always hop the gate when she feels the need to be safe. It would also be wise to keep the cat’s litter box inside the baby cage since dogs have the tendency to eat the feces of the cat. If you are without a baby gate, simply put the litter box within the reach of the cat but not the dog’s like a window sill or table top, but away from your food of course.

When it comes to feeding time, you should be aware that dogs should not eat cat food and vice versa. Their foods are simply designed for their needs and not other animals. The protein and taurine content is specific for each animal. This is crucial, always keep this in mind when feeding your precious pets.

With dogs who did not grow up with cats see cats as prey. Cats, on the other hand, are naturally afraid of dogs. However, mixing them together is much easier if they learn to socialize with each other before they reach the age of 4 months.

Dog and Cat Getting Along: Dealing with Fights

The dog-cat fight usually starts when the dog starts chasing the cat. The cat will naturally run away exciting the dog even further. This is so common. Therefore, if they are meeting for the first time, you should keep in mind the safety of your cat. Dogs have been known not only to hurt cats but kill them as well.

You should be aware of the danger signs. A cat that is too afraid to come out of hiding means that she is actually in danger. There is a need to re-introduce them once again to each other by putting them together in the same corner but with the baby cage between them. Time will come when they will start to get used to each other.

It is also a good idea to veer away from busy periods like Christmas or other special family occasions when introducing your cat and dog to each other. This is just too busy a time to pay attention to the proper way to introduce them to each other.

When you have finally decided to adopt a new dog or cat and join him to his worst enemy, just make sure that the proper way to introduce them to one another is to allow for some privacy. Give them also enough time to get used to each other, these things can take much time.

Dog and Cat Getting Along: You Must Be in Control and Be Aware

You should also have enough time to supervise the introduction yourself. You should be present to monitor for any signs of danger to your cat. Before long, you will surely have a happy and harmonious relationship within the household. Wouldn’t it be cute when one day you actually see your dog and cat cuddled together on a cold wintry day?

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