Dog Arthritis Pain During Winter

Let's talk about dog arthritis pain during winter. If your dog has arthritis it probably deals with more aches and pain during the colder weather. If you want to help alleviate some of this extra pain during the winter there are some things that you can do. This article will discuss why arthritis is worse during winter and how you can help your pooch.

If you know a person with arthritis they can probably tell you that their pain is worse when it's cold or when it's raining. Dogs with arthritis can experience this too. It's most likely caused by air pressure drops or the cold causing stiffness.

There is no cure for arthritis and your dog will probably always experience some pain, but there are things that you can do to help your dog have a little less pain. If your dog has arthritis your veterinarian should have prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine. A reduced-calorie diet should also be started to help your dog if it has arthritis. Arthritis usually occurs in the joints that carry most of the body's weight. If a dog is overweight they are more likely to develop arthritis. A reduce-calorie diet that is healthy can keep the extra pounds off your pooch which keeps off extra pressure on joints. Discuss healthy diet changes with your veterinarian. They can probably recommended the best food for your dog.

Exercise can also help your dog. You may think that your dog should avoid exercise if they have arthritis, but dogs need to remain active. Your dog doesn't have to do a ton of activities and shouldn't do exercises that put stress on its joints, but exercise is important.

Even a short walk almost every day helps, if your dog can handle it start going on longer walks. You can take your dog to a dog park or if there's snow you can put your pooch on your treadmill for some exercise. This probably won't work during the winter unless you live somewhere warmed, but swimming is a great exercise that doesn't require any extra weight or pressure to be put on joints. If you have an indoor pool this could be helpful during the cold months. You can also try looking online for some type of local dog gym or activity center that may have a pool.

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