Dog Clothing During Winter

Let's talk about dog clothing during winter. Winter rolls in and the warm clothing rolls out, but what if you don't have clothing? This is what you need to think about when it comes to your dog. Dogs may not need clothing like humans do, but during the winter some clothing may keep man's best friend warm and happy.

Putting clothes on a dog is not just about fashion. Sure, you can choose a doggie sweater that is stylish, but more importantly it should be about practicality. Not all dogs need clothes to keep them warm. In fact, if you have a Husky, a Saint Bernard or some other breed of dog that is big and has long, thick hair, a doggie sweater may cause them to overheat. These breeds of dogs have natural coats that can allow them to live and survive in cold and snowy conditions. On the other hand if you have a Grey Hound or Chihuahua they probably begin to shiver if they are outside in the snow for more than a couple of minutes. Breeds that are smaller and have thinner, shorter hair get cold more easily. Older dogs may also get cold due to the weakened immune systems and loss of hair.

So, while your neighbor may like to put her dog in cute little clothes all year round, there is a practical reason to give your dog a sweater or coat during the winter. If your dog is normally cold you may even want to get them a comfortable sweater for indoors. As previously mentioned, be careful that your canine doesn't get overheated. If they are panting make sure you take the clothing off. Doggie sweaters are great for the dogs of owners that are trying to keep their heating bill low and wear thick clothes inside the house.

You can find dog sweaters and coats at most pet stores. They are available in different sizes, colors, and styles.