Dog Collar Leashes

A dog leash collar will give you control over those larger breed dogs when training them or just going for walks. Getting the right size is critical to make sure you are not hurting the dog. Read on to learn more now...

Dog Collar Leashes have been used in law enforcement applications with respect to police dogs and for hunting hounds.

You may find the practicality of the collar-leash also a good choice for your more sturdy breed.

Dog collar leashes present the right choice for the owner who has a difficult time keeping hold of his or her sturdier breed dog.

One combination is the slip knot variety of dog collar leash. The leash-collar arrangement keeps you in control of a dog who weight-wise and strength-wise can easily dominate you.

In fact the slip collar pulls taut enough when walking the dog that he will stay appropriately in front of you or by your side.

However, you can't use this type of collar leash combination for smaller breeds or dogs who tend to be hyper-active.

If you do the slip may prove too tight and hurt the dog's neck. This application of collar leash is best for heftier sturdy breeds that are more placid in disposition and once again prove weightier and stronger than their custodians.

Another style of collar leash is the one as alluded to in the beginning designed for the hunting or police dog. The collar can be applied around the dog's neck and the leash is conveniently already attached.

Once on location the dog can be readily released from the lead and collar disengaged from around his neck.

The reason this style of application was introduced with respect to law enforcement and hunting dogs is that the owner(s) did not wish the dog's collar to catch him up on any object while the canine was in pursuit of prey or criminals.

Further such sets are long-lasting and are usually made of the best leathers. This means they will not fray apart at the edges. Also the leather tends to develop a distressed look over time: it becomes softer however not less durable.

The leather leash collar product can be used for the lifetime of the dog and will always look great.

In summary, no matter which style you choose, a combination collar/leash may be the best solution when looking for a lifelong quality product for walking and exercising your dog.


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