Can home treadmills be dog exercise treadmills?

What are the benefits of dog exercise treadmills? That old treamill sitting in your basement could be used to keep your dog healthy and in shape...Is it the right size?

Jog A Dog has been in business since 1972 in Ottawa Lake, Michigan and was started by George Hyland to meet the needs of show dog owners, hunting dog owners and regular dog owners to help build strength and stamina.

For over thirty five years Jog A Dog has been producing quality motorized treadmills for dogs in a variety of sizes.

The smallest treadmill (Model DC4) runs $1195 and is ideal for toy breeds and has a tread length of four feet and a tread width of twelve inches. The DC4 weighs only eighty four pounds and you can purchase accessory wheels to make it very easy to move.

Speed is infinitely variable from zero to eight miles per hour with a one fourth horsepower motor.

If you want to use that treadmill in your basement you had better have a large or extra large breed dog. The treadmill base needs to be long enough for you pets stride and wide enough to accommodate their bulk.

Small breeds and toy breeds can be easily intimidated by the sound of a human treadmill as well as its size. Jog A Dog,, and Grand Carpet Mill are all great places to look for dog exercise treadmills.

Any one of the three companies above makes treadmills specifically for pet use and have incorporated motors that are exceptionally quiet for both your dog’s ears and yours.

If you have a treadmill at home you can put your dog on a treadmill and make sure that you keep the speed at a very low level until your pet gets used to running on it.

You can then make changes to the terrain and speed to make it a more interesting time for your pet. There are a number of reasons to use dog exercise treadmills.

Creating a healthy lifestyleand getting your dog used to exercise will result in a much longer life and enjoyment as your pet will be more lively and playful for a longer period of time.

Being able to exercise no matter what the weather holds is another advantage to being able to have your dog on a treadmill.

Dog exercise treadmills are an excellent way to keep your pet in shape during the long winter months when it is difficult to get into a regular exercise regimen with your pet due to the adverse winter weather. Check out the many sites on the web for great training tips.


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