Dog Not Eating and Acting Lethargic?

Does your dog seem sick and is your dog not eating and acting lethargic? Get all the dog eating information you need in this article and then take action.

Most people do not pay attention to their dog’s eating habits except to see if the dog bowl is empty. You need to understand that dogs are creatures of habit and if there is even the slightest change then there could be something that is seriously wrong. There are some questions you should ask your family members if you notice your dog not eating and acting lethargic.

What is the breed and what you are currently feeding the dog and has that been changed?

The breed matters in that pugs are susceptible to a condition known as reverse sneezing. While reverse sneezing is not life threatening it does cause irritation in the pug’s throat that will lead to making eating uncomfortable if the food offered is dry.

Switching to a canned food can alleviate the problem for pugs. Changes in a dog’s life can lead to eating problems. An additional pet, the arrival of a baby or even a change in home can lead to a dog not eating and acting lethargic.

Some serious health problems that can lead to a dog not eating or drinking include bowel obstructions, cancer, hormonal disorders, canine epilepsy, heart disease, pancreatitis, tooth decay, kidney disease and liver disease.

If your dog persists in not eating or drinking please seek the advice of your vet within a couple of days. Waiting too long can lead to more serious health problems that can lead to expensive vet bills or even to the need to have your pet put to sleep. (Hint: Here's how to choose a vet.)

In most cases with your dog is not eating it will be because he has found another source of food and is not hungry at the time you put his food out.

Most healthy dogs will eat everything you put in front of them unless they are sick or are already full from something else.

Has his outside behavior changed?

Have you allowed your dog to run free and possibly get into some road kill or other animal carcass that they have found?

Other issues that may come up are changes in your dog’s elimination patterns.

The best advice if your dog is not eating as expected and has no energy is to take him to the vet and get him checked over thoroughly to make sure you dog does not have a serious health problem that can be treated with medicine or surgery. If you wait too long it might be too late.


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