Dog Not Eating Dog Food? What's Going On!?

There are many possibilities why you may see your dog not eating dog food.

In some cases you could just be a brand new owner that is not used to having a new dog in the home. For example…

In most adoption cases a dog not eating dog food just means your dog needs a little bit of extra attention.

Let’s get started. If your eating is becoming a problem, you may want to take a look at some of these tips. Within a couple of days your puppy ould be chowing down once again!


Before you jump to conclusions you may just want to see if your dog likes the food that you have brought home. Take a can of wet doe food and place the food in the center of the dry food.

Dog Dish

If your dog is careful to only eat all of the wet food, chances are it may be the dry food brand that is causing the problem. A simple change in the quality of food is going to make a very big difference.

What next?


In some cases if you adopted a spoiled dog, you may get all of these picky eating habits as well.

If your dog is a picky eater and will only eat wet dog food there needs to be a weaning process.

Take the time to wean your dog off of the wet food and onto the dry food. Of course if you can afford the wet food, then it may be smart to stick to what the dog is used to eating.

Disrupting a dog’s diet is definitely a reasons why your dog not eating dog food.


Make sure that your canine is not eating human food. If you have family members in the household that often feed the dog table scraps after meals, this needs to stop immediately.

A dog not eating dog food needs to get used to eating dog food rather than the food that we eat. Dogs digestive systems may not be able to handle or process some of the food that we eat.

A dog not eating comes with a lot of different solutions that you can do at home. If you cannot find the right solution for your puppy not eating properly make an appointment with your vet. They will be able to find out what is truly wrong with your dog!


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